Create a Rapport Project
  • 02 Jun 2021
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Create a Rapport Project

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If you’ve already signed up for Rapport’s early access, you have the ability to create your own project and share it externally. Here is a tutorial on how you can do it in a few simple steps.

Create a Rapport Project

1.    Once you are logged in to your account, you can start creating your project. For this, you could use any of our characters and add any of the Lex sample chatbots we set for you to try on.

2.  To create a new project, either select the red button ‘Manage’ from the Projects section on the Home page or select the ‘Projects’ option from the left menu. Either way, you will be redirected to the Projects page.

3.  To create a project click on the ‘New Project’ button and enter the information which will be relevant for you. 

4.  At this point, you should select the ‘freemium’ tier and select one or more characters from the list.

5.  Once these details are provided, click on the ‘Submit’ red button and wait a few seconds for the 

project to be added.

5.  Once the project was created and added, you need to assign an AI. This could be one of the 

Lex sample chatbots provided or one of yours.

In this tutorial, it is going to be used a Lex sample chatbot.

Click the red button ‘Assign AI’ 


6.  Fill in the details in the 'Enter AI information form

AI name = input any name which is relevant to you (e.g LexBot)

Select character = select the character you prefer

Options = toggle on if you want the AI to be interruptible

Background = select any color that you would like to set as background

Select an AI type = select Lex (currently is the only available sample chatbot)

Enter AI Information

Lex Configuration

In the “Lex Configuration” section select one of the following options:

  • Booking Sample
  • Flower Order Sample

7.  For this tutorial it was selected the Flower Order Sample. By clicking the ‘Flower Order Sample’ black button,  the Lex configuration form is filled in with all details automatically. Thus all you need is to click further on the red button ‘Submit’ to finish the configuration step.

8.  Once the ’Submit’ button is clicked, the Web Viewer window opens in less than a few seconds. 

9.  Once the character is loaded, start the conversation by saying one of the starting phrases displayed underneath the web viewer window.


 Video capture of interaction

10.  If you are satisfied with the result select the ‘Looks fine’ red button which will lead you back to the ‘Edit project information’ screen

What's Next