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Add a voice from Marketplace

To access the marketplace, simply click on "TO MARKETPLACE". This will direct the user to the Marketplace Voice list, which displays all the currently available voices.

You have the option to select the desired Voice from the available lists. Additionally, there is a drop-down menu for Order by, which allows you to arrange the Voices according to your preference. You can sort them by Default (in the order they were added to the marketplace), Name (in ascending or descending order), Recently created or Recently modified.

You can also use the search bar to find a specific Voice if you are looking for on.

To add a Voice to the workspace from the Marketplace, simply click on the icon located on the Voice tile. If the Voices tile lacks this icon, it signifies that they are already present in the Workspace. As illustrated in this instance, "Brighter Tomorrow" and "Necessary" are both currently available in the workspace.

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