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Character from Marketplace

If you add a character from the marketplace instead of creating one within the workspace, the character tiles will display an icon next to the character's name to indicate its source.

If you click on the preview image of a marketplace character tile, you will be directed to a read-only view of the character details on a separate

There are three sections of this page

  1. Character details

  2. Usage

  3. Marketplace

Character details

In this section, you will find information on creating and updating your character, including their name. Additionally, there is a preview image of the character displayed on their tile.


This section shows the list of AIs that are using this character in the current workspace.

There will be no AIs listed if this character has not been used by any AIs under the workspace.

To update the AI's list of Character usage, users can simply click on the 'Re-check Usage' button in case there have been any changes.


In this section, you have the option to remove a character from the workspace. However, please note that if any AIs are currently using this character within the workspace, the 'Remove from Workspace' button will be disabled and the Marketplace section will be displayed instead.

If the character has not been utilized by any AI, the Marketplace section will appear under the workspace. In this section, the 'Remove from workspace' button will be enabled.

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