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Create an AI Project

After clicking the "Create AI Project" button, you will be redirected to the "Enter AI Information" page on the AI Project website.


Please provide the AI's name and select a character from the dropdown list to proceed. Note that the characters available on this page are only those featured in the Assets' Characters section. Next, the user must select an AI type from the dropdown menu and provide all the required configuration information.

To proceed, you have two options: choose "Save & Try" or "Save". If you pick "Save", all details will be saved and the newly created AI project will appear with the existing ones. On the other hand, selecting "Save & Try" will create the project and take you to the Interact with AI page to interact and test the AI you have set up.

If you need to make changes to the setup, simply click the Back button and you will be taken to the Edit AI information page. If everything looks good, click "Looks fine" and you will be taken to the AI Project page, where you can see all your AIs listed, including the one you just created.


Below is a video recording of the 'Create an AI Project' sample for reference.

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