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Create Character

Click on Create Character

The following information is displayed


We have options to Create a new character or upload an existing one..

Generate images ‘

Scroll down t’s again to regenerate the specified angle of the image.

Character Control files (.K files)

Now the user can select either to use an existing config (.k) file or to create own .k file for the character . accordingly upload the .k file if selecting to upload a custom file.

If the user wants to upload a new config file, then the user can simply attach the new .k file to the field. The user will also notice that the newly created .k file has been automatically added to the character config assets with the name of the character under the workspace.

If selecting an existing file, below is what the user will see. The user has listed all the available character configs under the workspace to select.

Save a Character

Now Click Save

The new character is listed. In this example it was called TestRPM

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