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Delete a Voice

Deleting a voice means removing all the traces of the model. This voice once deleted will not be found anywhere else in the workspace or Marketplace.

Note that, only the workspace’s voice can be deleted. Also, note that Users with Workspace Admin and Workspace Member access can only delete a voice.

To delete a voice

Click the voice tile from the Assets-> Voices list

Scroll down to the Delete voice section and expand the section. Note that, once the delete voice section is expanded, the ‘Usage’ section is also expanded, showing the usage of the voice in the Workspace or any other workspace.

If the voice has been used by any workspace, then the Usage section shows the details of the workspace it has been used by. Also, the ‘Delete voice’ button under the delete voice section will be disabled.

If the voice is not used in any of the workspaces,

Click Delete voice. The user should be shown a popup window confirming if you want to delete

Once the user clicks ‘Delete’, the user is taken back to the voice list page and the deleted voice is not listed on the page.

Below is the video recording of ‘Delete a voice’ for reference:

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