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Edit an AI Project

Edit an AI Project

If the user is logged in as a WS admin/WS member, they should be granted the capability to modify any AI within the workspace. By clicking on the edit icon, they will be redirected to the AI information editing page, allowing them to make alterations to any of the information.

The user should also be able to edit the AI type and see the corresponding required fields listed below based on the AI type selected.

If you are editing an existing UPXS AI within a workspace that has Unreal assets configured, there should be a dropdown menu in a text box to choose the desired Unreal configuration.

If the UPXS AI is already present in the workspace without any unreal configurations set by the Rapport admin, there will be no changes.

Edit Commands
To access the Edit/View AI Projects page, scroll down and locate the Edit Commands section. Clicking on 'Edit Commands' will redirect the user to the Commands Editing Page.

To incorporate a new set of commands, select "Add New Command."

Provide a distinctive name and then choose the asset type you wish to include from the dropdown menu

Based on the asset selection, the subsequent field should display the inventory of assets accessible within the workspace.

Selecting "Save" will store the command and return the user to the AI list page.

Subsequently, if you click on "Interact AI," you will encounter an additional dropdown menu in the Interaction window, allowing the user to select the added commands and experiment with them using the play button.

Video Reference

Below is a video recording of the ‘Edit an AI Project’ sample, for reference:

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