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Option 1: Create a Character using RPM

Please click on the "Create Character" button.

The following information is displayed.


You have the choice to create a new character or upload an already existing one.

Step 1. Create New

For the first option, simply click on 'Open Character Creator' and select 'Create New'. This will take you to the Ready Player Me site.


Step 2. Choose Body Type


Step 3. Upload a photo or continue without a photo


Step 4 Photo not uploaded. Select an Avatar

Your Avatar will be loaded. This takes a few seconds


 Customization of the character is possible at this point.

Click Next to continue, after a few seconds, the URL for the character will be generated and copy pasted back to the Rapport Character Create page

The user has been redirected back to Rapport and a 3D preview image of the character is displayed on the page.


Below is a video recording of ‘Create a character and edit a character’ sample, for reference”

Let's return to the "Create Character" page to complete the remaining steps.

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