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Private and Public Voices

Newly created voices are Private by default and only available in the originating workspace.

This is distinguished by the globe icon with Lock

These voices will not be displayed on the Marketplace list, as they are only available in the workspace where they were created.

Change to Public:

If required, a Private voice can be made public, so that these voices can be used by other workspaces.

Again, only Users with Workspace Admin and Workspace member access can only do this,

Click on the Private voice, the user is taken to the voice details edit page.

Scroll down to the Marketplace section and expand the section.

Click the ‘Make it Public’ button to make the voice public. You will see that the button is changed to ‘Make it private’ stating that the voice is now public.

We can also verify this by going back to the voice list, where the Private icon (globe icon with lock) has now changed to the Public icon (Globe icon without lock)

Now we can also see this voice in Market place.

Below is a recording of how to change a voice from private to public

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