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Only when the user selects a workspace from the dropdown, in which the user is a workspace (WS) admin, can the Workspace Admin menu display the 'Settings' option. Therefore, when the user navigates to Workspace Admin → Settings, they will be presented with the 'Edit workspace' page. On this page, the user can modify any settings of the workspace, delete the workspace, or regenerate workspace tokens if user is a WS - Admin. WS Member can view the settings page but cannot Edit.


Edit workspace - After you change the details, click "submit" and the updated information will appear on the page.

Regenerate tokens - Clicking the refresh icon on the top right of the 'Edit workspace' window generates and updates a new token at the window top.

Delete workspace - When the user clicks the 'Delete' button, a confirmation prompt should appear asking if they want to delete the workspace.


When the delete button on the pop-up window is clicked, the workspace is deleted and the user is taken back to the home page.

Here is a video recording of the 'Edit, Regenerate Token, and Delete Workspace' process as a sample, for reference:


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