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When a user selects a workspace from the dropdown and navigates to Workspace Admin -> Stats, they can view statistics related to that workspace.

Report Parameters

Users can select different metrics and view the results in a bar chart and a table.

Bar Chart

The bar chart displays the utilization of each project based on the selected dates, represented by color codes.

When hovering over each bar, the display shows the usage of each project in color code. At the end of the display, the total usage is shown.

For graphs with over 3 projects, there are options to "Hide all projects" and "Show all projects" buttons located beneath the graph. By hiding all projects initially, you can then choose specific projects by simply clicking on their respective names, which are conveniently displayed below the bar chart.

Tabular column

The statistical details are displayed in a tabular format below the bar chart. The table can be sorted in ascending or descending order based on each column.

Export CSV

When you click the ‘Export as CSV’ button, the entire statistics report is downloaded as a CSV file that can be imported into Excel for viewing.

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