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Voice from Marketplace

If a Voice is added from a Marketplace, it will be indicated by an icon next to the Voice name on the Voice tiles, distinguishing it from the workspace's own Voices.

By clicking on the preview image of a Voice tile obtained from the marketplace, you will be directed to the Voice details page. This page provides read-only access to the Voice details.

There are three sections of this page

  1. Voice details

  2. Usage

  3. Marketplace

Voice details

In this section, you can find information about creating, updating, and naming a Voice. Additionally, there is a preview image of the Voice displayed in the Voice tile.


This section displays the AIs in the current workspace that are utilizing this Voice.

If no AIs in the workspace have used this Voice, there will be no AIs listed.

The 'Refresh' button enables the user to update the list of AIs based on any modifications in Voice usage. Additionally, the Marketplace is available.


This section offers the possibility to eliminate a Voice from the workspace, as long as no AIs are currently utilizing it. In case the Voice is being used by AIs in the workspace, the Marketplace section will be displayed below, and the option to 'Remove from workspace' will be disabled.

If the Voice has not been utilized by any AI, the Marketplace section will appear under the workspace. You can then click the 'Remove from workspace' button to remove it.

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