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Asset Creation, Editing and Deletion

Creating Assets in Rapport: A Streamlined Workflow

The creation of your own assets in Rapport, whether a Character, Script, or Audio file, follows a similar process due to the common layout and functionality within the platform. This streamlined approach makes it easy to integrate various elements into your interactive experiences. However, there are some specific considerations related to Characters that will be covered in a separate section.

Creating Your Own Custom Audio Assets:

Rapport also empowers you to unleash your creativity and craft your own unique audio assets:

  1. From within your Workspace, go to the Asset Library.

  2. Click "Create Audio Asset".

  3. Enter the name of your Asset. Select a file to upload and include the audio file transcript if you desire.

  1. Click "Save Changes" to add your custom audio asset to your project.

Creating Your Own Custom Script Assets:

  1. From within your Workspace, go to the Asset Library.

  2. Click "Create Script Asset".

  3. Enter the name of your Asset. Enter the script.

  4. Click “Save Changes” to add your custom script asset to your project.

Editing an Asset

To edit an asset click on the Asset from within Assets.

Deleting an Asset

While adding and using assets is straightforward, keep in mind that deleting them might require an extra step:

Rapport prevents you from deleting assets currently used in your AI projects. To check if an asset is in use, simply click on it and view the "Usage" details within that specific workspace. If the asset isn't used, you can delete it as needed.

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