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Asset from the Public Library

Effortless Asset Integration: Two Ways to Enhance Your Project

Adding characters, audio, and scripts (and potentially more in the future!) to your Rapport project is a breeze. The process is similar across all asset types, with intuitive layouts and consistent commands.

Accessing Assets Directly within Your Project:

Rapport empowers you to seamlessly integrate assets while designing your project. You can access both your uploaded assets and the Rapport Public Library directly within the project design screen. This allows you to experiment with different characters, sound effects, and scripts on the fly, visualizing how your choices impact the project in real-time.

Exploring the Public Library:

The Rapport Public Library offers pre-made assets to jumpstart your project. These include characters, audio clips, and scripts. Finding and adding Public Library assets is simple:

  • Locate the desired asset by browsing the library.

  • Look for the "Library" tag next to the asset name.

  • Click the asset to preview it.

  • Click "Add to workspace assets" to incorporate it into your project.

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