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Delete an Asset Character

Deleting Characters in Rapport

Just like other assets in Rapport, deleting characters requires them to be unused within your workspace. This ensures characters remain accessible for ongoing projects. Here's a detailed guide on deleting characters:

Who Can Delete Characters?

Only users with Workspace Admin or Workspace Member access can delete characters.

Checking Character Usage:

Before deleting, it's crucial to verify if the character is in use. A character can't be deleted if it's currently used in any project.

  1. Click the Character tile from the "Assets" -> "Characters" list.

  2. Look for a "Usage" section within the character details. If it displays any workspaces where the character is used, deletion won't be possible.


Deleting an Unused Character:

  1. If the "Usage" section is empty (indicating no usage), click the "Delete Character" option.

  2. A confirmation window will appear. Click "Delete" to proceed.


  3. Once confirmed, the character will be permanently removed from your workspace and asset library. You'll be redirected to the character list where the deleted character is no longer present.

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