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A Quick Start Guide

Unleash Your Creativity with Rapport: A Quick Start Guide

Sign-up / Sign-in to Rapport

Sign-up or Sign-in if you are an existing user.


Create a Workspace:

Within the Rapport platform, create a workspace to house your projects.

Add Your First Asset:

Every project requires at least one Character asset. Browse the Public Library for pre-made characters, audio clips, and scripts (marked "Library"), or get creative and develop your own custom assets.

Create Your First Project:

Go to Projects and start to create your experience. You can select from any existing Assets that you may have created or add Assets directly from the Project Design Screen.

Rapport equips you with everything you need to build impactful AI experiences:

  • Versatile Asset Library: Find a selection of characters, audio clips, and scripts (marked "Library" or "Private") to bring your projects to life.

  • AI-Powered Enhancements: Streamline your workflow with features like Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text and AI generative models.

New User? Welcome!

Your Rapport workspace starts as a blank canvas. To get started, simply add some elements to bring it to life. Browse the Public Library or create your own custom assets.

Existing User? Hit the Ground Running!

Your existing asset library, including characters, audio, and scripts, awaits you within your workspace.

Always Evolving

The Rapport asset library is constantly expanding, offering exciting new additions to empower your storytelling.

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