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Introduction to Rapport

Rapport is a highly advanced technology platform that allows for natural communication between AIs and other digital characters through voice or text. This is accomplished through a sophisticated cloud-based framework consisting of back-end services and a front-end component integrated into the hosting site. The back-end services handle tasks such as connecting to AIs, running speech recognition, text-to-speech, voice analytics, translation, and animation, while the front-end component securely sends user interactions and receives voice and animation streams. The data is then synchronized and rendered in real-time, ensuring maximum security.
This guide assists with the setup of essential backend dependencies and provides comprehensive information on the various options available to integrators and creators.

There are two major steps required to enable an integration with Rapport.
1. The creation and configuration of the Projects which is done using the Rapport Accounts

  1. The integration of the projects with other applications is covered under Rapport Web Viewer

To gain access, log in. create a user and project, and then follow the steps outlined in"Create a Rapport Project.

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