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Knowledge Base

1. What is the difference between Web Viewer and Web Component?

  • Rapport web viewer is Rapport’s implementation of a web component. By importing the rapport.js script, you are able to add <rapport-scene> elements to your html page. Web components is a browser interface for creating customer html elements.

2.  What does the Rapport Web Viewer do?

  • Rapport web viewer gives your AI more human by giving it a voice and a face in the internet browser. It is designed to easily integrate with Lex and Pandorabots.

3. What dependencies does the Rapport Web Viewer have?

  • Rapport web viewer used the following npm packages, three js, pubnub, jszip, flatbuffers, fontawesome, uuid, serialize-error.

4.  Is my voice recorded and stored?

  • Not by Rapport web viewer. Your voice is converted into text and sent to a 3rd party AI and text transcripts could be stored by them. If the RWV enableCookies attribute is set, all that is stored in your browser is a randomly generated username with a date stamp.

5. Can I style the Rapport Web Viewer?

  • Yes, you can style your rapport-scene web component as you would any other html element. There are also attributes that can be adjusted including loading image, background colour, camera position, orbital controls, orbital control zoom, and angle.

6. Can I use a custom avatar?

  • You can only use avatars that have been configured to be used with Speech Graphics SGX, which can be configured in Maya with an SGX plugin. We are working on an easy way to add avatars, stay tuned.

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