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Options for Creating a Custom Character

Unleash Your Creativity: Character Creation in Rapport

Imagine captivating characters that elevate your interactive experiences. Rapport empowers you to bring them to life with a suite of options that cater to your workflow and artistic vision.

Ready Player Me Integration:

For a seamless experience, Rapport integrates with Ready Player Me (RPM), a popular platform offering extensive character customization. Design unique characters without prior 3D design knowledge. Rapport directly downloads the highest-quality version, ensuring optimal performance and flawless animation within your projects. Only use the RPM integration within the Rapport platform to create your RPM characters, as this is setup to enable those characters to use the Rapport animation system.

Beyond Ready Player Me:

Rapport understands the value of choice. We offer support for various character creation tools beyond RPM, including industry leaders like Reallusion and Unreal Engine Metahumans (direct Metahuman creation within Rapport is coming soon). Utilise Rapport's control files to seamlessly drive animation for characters created in your favourite tools.

Get Started:

Whether you prefer the user-friendly interface of Ready Player Me or the power of advanced creation tools, Rapport has you covered. Explore the possibilities and create captivating characters that elevate your interactive experiences!

Why Use Ready Player Me?

Here's a closer look at the advantages of using Ready Player Me within Rapport:

  • Optimised Performance and Quality: Direct integration ensures characters are specifically optimised for Rapport, delivering smooth animation and top-notch visuals.

  • Uncompressed Textures, Flawless Animations: Rapport retrieves the highest-quality version with uncompressed textures for exceptional visual fidelity. Additionally, these characters include all the necessary rigging for facial animations powered by Rapport's technology, guaranteeing natural and believable reactions within your projects.

  • Simplified Workflow: Access the built-in Character Creator within Rapport and leverage the familiar Ready Player Me interface. This streamlined workflow allows you to focus on character design without technical hurdles.

Creating a Character with Ready Player Me:

  1. Access Character Creation:

    • Go to the Assets section and select "Characters".

    • Click the "Create Character" button.

  2. Choose Your Path:

    • Select "Launch Character Creator - Create a Character using RPM" to utilise Ready Player Me.

  3. Design and Customise:

    • Follow the user-friendly interface within Ready Player Me to design your character.

    • Experiment with various features to achieve your desired look and feel.

  4. Finalize and Integrate:

    • Once satisfied, click "Next" and choose "Continue without Sign-up" (if applicable).

    • You'll be redirected to Rapport.

    • Give your character a name and save the changes.

  5. Voila!

    • Your character will be available within your Workspace under "WebGL Assets," ready to be incorporated into your Rapport projects.

Create a Character from an Existing URL

Upload an Existing Character file

Additional Notes:

  • Rapport currently supports WebGL characters created within this interface. We also support Metahumans, but direct upload using this interface is not available yet (future release planned).

  • For custom character creation beyond these options, please contact Rapport through the website form.





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