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Push-to-talk (PTT) allows users to initiate voice transmission by pressing a designated button or key, instead of continuously broadcasting audio.

The user is required to activate the microphone only when they want to speak, mimicking the functionality of a walkie-talkie or two-way radio. This approach helps reduce background noise and conserve bandwidth, making it particularly useful in situations where multiple users share a communication channel. Push-to-talk is commonly employed in various contexts, including professional settings, online gaming, and mobile applications, enabling efficient and controlled voice communication among individuals or groups.

This feature is seen on all AIs across interact AI, Shareable preview links, and also on all demos

In order to activate it on the user side, the steps below need to be followed.

Once an AI is loaded and the session starts, double-click on the AI, and the Audio Settings icon will be shown.

The Audio Settings icon is shown in the top right-hand corner of the Avatar window.

Clicking on the Settings Icon will open the Audio settings Pop up window

Now under the Push to talk section, Click Enable and press the click to set the talk key. A message will appear asking you to press any key to set.

At this stage, if you press esc, then it is reverted back ,

But if any other key is pressed , then that key is set for Push to talk functionality for that section.

Here ‘Space’ key is selected .

Now click 'save, then the Audio settings will close and AI will appear muted.

Now, the AI mic will be unmuted if you press the ‘Space’ Key and gets muted as soon as you release the key. So in order to talk/interact with AI, The user needs to press and hold the key and talk to the AI. Once the Key is released, the AI will respond back.

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