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What is Push-to-talk

Take Control of Your Voice Interactions with Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Rapport offers a handy feature called Push-to-Talk (PTT) that enhances your voice interactions with AI characters. Here's what it does:

  • Reduced Background Noise: PTT lets you activate your microphone only when you want to speak, similar to a walkie-talkie. This minimizes unwanted background noise and ensures clear communication.

  • Improved Efficiency: PTT is ideal for situations with multiple users, like online gaming or professional settings. It allows for controlled voice chat without constant audio streams.

  • Universal Availability: Enjoy PTT across all Rapport AI experiences, including Previews, Shareable Preview Links, and demos.

Activating PTT:

  1. Launch your AI session.

  2. Double-click on the character to access the Audio Settings icon (top right corner of the avatar window).


3. Clicking on the Settings Icon will open the Audio settings Pop up window.


  1. Now under the Push to talk section, Click Enable and press the ‘Click to set’ key. A message will appear asking you to press any key to set.

  2. At this stage, if you press 'esc' then it is reverted back.

  3. But if any other key is pressed, then that key is set for Push to talk functionality for that section.

In this example, the ‘Space’ key is selected .


  1. Now click ‘Save’. The Audio settings will close and the AI will appear muted.


Now, the AI mic will be unmuted if you press the ‘Space’ Key and gets muted as soon as you release the key. So in order to talk/interact with the AI, the user needs to press and hold the key and talk to the AI. Once the Key is released, the AI will respond back.

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