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What is Rapport?

Rapport is a cloud-based platform for creating interactive experiences with animated digital characters.

Rapport is brought to you by the team behind Speech Graphics' audio-driven facial animations, which is used by the majority of AAA publishing houses in the games industry. The animation software uses detailed muscle maps for accurate lip-sync. Our technology can be used across any character style and in any language.

How does it work?

Let me break down how the impressive Rapport platform operates to deliver those natural voice and text interactions with digital characters and AI assistants. It's all made possible by a highly sophisticated cloud-based framework.

On the back-end, Rapport has powerful services that handle all the complex processing. This includes integrating with various AI technologies, running speech recognition to understand your voice inputs, converting text to speech for the character responses, analyzing voice traits, translating between languages, and generating accurate character animations.

While all that heavy lifting is happening behind the scenes, Rapport's front-end component is integrated right into the hosting website or application. This is what securely sends your voice and text interactions to the back-end services. It then receives the processed data streams containing the character's voice output, lip-sync animations, and more in real-time.

The magic happens when Rapport synchronizes and renders all of this data instantaneously, giving you a seamless, natural experience where the digital characters respond to you immediately with voice, visual animations, and context-aware responses. It's like you're having an actual conversation!

And you can rest assured that this whole process is highly secure, with your interactions encrypted and streamed privately through Rapport's cloud framework.

So in essence, Rapport combines cutting-edge AI, speech tech, animation, and ultra-low latency streaming to create environments where you can intuitively communicate and interact with digital avatars. The back-end does the number crunching while the front-end delivers a realistic, real-time experience.

There are two major steps required to enable an integration with Rapport:

  1. The creation and configuration of Projects which is done using the Rapport User Interface

  2. The integration of the Project(s) with other applications which is covered under Rapport Web Viewer

To gain access: sign-up, create a Project in your Workspace and you are ready to go.

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