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Known Issues

Some browsers, such as Chromium and Firefox, require an internal WebRTC connection to enable echo cancellation. However, this connection may fail to establish if a previous session had a failed WebRTC connection and microphone access was not granted. This can be problematic when a user grants microphone access without using a headset, resulting in an echo during the session. As a result, the AI may end up having a conversation with itself.

Please keep in mind the following information:

When using a Pandorabots AI and Google TTS, it has been observed that there may be significant delays of up to 30 seconds.

Some browsers may require additional clicks or swipes on the page before the audio context can begin, especially when using auto-start and the page doesn't have access to the microphone. Currently, there is no solution available for this issue.

When Firefox's privacy.resistFingerprinting option is enabled, the session does not start. Currently, there is no way to initiate an RWV session.

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