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Project Design

Unleash Your Creativity: Project Design in Rapport

Welcome to the command center of your interactive experience - the Project Design page in Rapport! Here's where your imagination takes the wheel and breathes life into your project.

General Layout


Meet Your Star Performer: The Character

Character Casting:

Imagine a library overflowing with unique characters, just waiting to be chosen for your project. Click on the character dropdown menu to browse through a collection of captivating personalities, each ready to bring your vision to life. Feeling inspired? You can even create your own custom character directly on this page!

Perfecting the Performance:

Every star needs the perfect voice. The voice dropdown menu is your director's chair. Here you can select from a range of synthesised TTS voices to find the ideal match for your character's personality. Use the language filter to select a language or a variant to narrow the choices.

Bringing Your Script to Life

Storytelling Made Easy:

Have a script in mind or want to craft one from scratch? The script section is your writing studio. You can choose from existing scripts in your project or write a brand new one directly on this page.

Taking Center Stage:

The currently selected script will be the star of the show, highlighted with a special border. Need a change of scene? Simply click on a different script to switch things up!

Adding a Touch of Ambiance: Audio & Background

Sound Library at Your Fingertips:

The audio section lets you choose from existing audio files or upload your own to create a truly immersive experience. Similar to the script section, you can choose which audio file will take centre stage.

Setting the Mood:

Want to create a specific atmosphere for your project? The background function is your paintbrush. Choose a colour, keep it transparent, or adjust the transparency to create the perfect backdrop for your characters to shine.

Ready, Set, Preview

Hit the "Start Preview" button at any time to see your project come alive! This is your chance to fine-tune your creation and ensure everything is running smoothly.


Don't Forget to Save

Your creations are like precious gems - you wouldn't want to lose them! Rapport won't automatically save your project, so be sure to click the "Save" button to lock in your masterpiece. There might be a few mandatory fields to fill out depending on your chosen AI type (check the project settings for more info). But once you save, you can rest assured your work is safe and sound.

Publish and Share Your Masterpiece

Once your project is polished to perfection, it's time to share it with the world! Click the "Publish" button to make your creation live. Depending on your organisation's subscription, you might see a toggle switch or a link-copying option. Either way, you'll be able to grab a shareable link to send to your friends and family.


Let the Experience Begin

Click the "Start Demo" button on the shareable link, and watch your project come to life in a live, interactive session! This is where your VIP Virtual Interactive Personalities takes centre stage and interacts with your audience.


Start the demo


The Show Must Go On (or Not!)

There's no need to unpublish your project to make changes. Simply head back to the Design page, make your edits, and save them again. These changes will be reflected in the published version as well. If you do want to take your project offline for a while, just click "Publish" again and toggle the switch to off.

With Rapport's Project Design page, your creativity has no bounds! So, grab your metaphorical director's hat and get ready to craft an unforgettable interactive experience.

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